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A Festive Twist on the French Gimlet

Hello everyone!

I hope this month is filled with joy, safety, and happiness! As you all know, I also have a

passion for making delicious cocktails at home. My inspiration comes from various sources, including cookbooks, favorite restaurants, and the amazing people in my life. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit New York City to support my best friend, Lilly, as she ran the

NYC marathon. It was an incredible experience, and today's cocktail is dedicated to her and the memories we made together.

St Germain Liqueur's elderflower flavor is her favorite, and so today we are going to create a festive twist on the classic French Gimlet. The original recipe dates back to the early 1900s, when lime cordial was used instead of elderflower liqueur. But we're taking it up a notch for the holidays and bringing it into the 21st century.

We will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 Oz gin, of your preference

  • 1.5 Oz St Germain

  • 0.5 Oz lime juice

  • 0.5 OZ Prosecco

  • A coupe glass to serve, a cocktail mixer and ice


  1. First, keep your serving glass in the fridge! This cocktail is not served on the rocks so you

  2. will want to make sure your glasses are very cold! This step is optional, but I strongly

  3. recommend it.

  4. Fill up your cocktail mixer with ice and add the gin, St Germain, and lime juice. Shake for

  5. approximately 15 seconds or until you feel the cocktail mixer is very cold.

  6. Grab a cold coupe glass out of the fridge and strain your cocktail.

  7. Top it with a splash of prosecco and enjoy!

This recipe is batch friendly! Just use the ratios I mentioned in the ingredient’s list and keep the batch with no ice in the fridge right before you serve.

Salud! And Happy Holidays!

Below is Lilly, just conquering the world one marathon at a time.


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