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Favorite Spots: Red Sushi (Madison, Wi)

To all my Wisconsin folks: Hope you enjoyed the summer! And to the rest of us, are you planning on making a trip to Madison these days? If you do, then keep reading, I want to talk to you about my favorite sushi restaurant in town.

My husband and I love good sushi and when we found this restaurant a year ago, it was nothing but inevitable so we fell in love with it. The place used to be in one of the main corners of the State Capitol Square of Madison, but they recently moved to West Washington street, just a couple of blocks away from the Square, the restaurant is named Red Sushi and it's owned and amazingly operated by Jack Yip and Tanya Zhykharevich.

I don’t know if you’re a movie person, but I still remember watching Before Sunrise which was a very lovely movie back in 1995, a traditional yet unique motion picture and almost 10 years after, the second part was released. Before the Sunset (which was the name of this sequel and I highly recommend it), was fresh and original, maybe even better than the first one! Well, this is more likely how I felt when I tried some of the dishes of the recently renewed menu at Red Sushi for the first time.

Jed, head Chef of the restaurant, which I also had the pleasure to meet recently, made an outstanding job adding singularity to the already remarkable menu of the restaurant. There are also pieces in the menu that were actual collaborations between Jed and Jack, keep reading!

If you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends, date or celebrate something special, this is definitely where you have to be. The ambiance is contemporary and chill, service is great and their pork belly and scallops are just to die for.

That night I started with a seaweed salad, and then tried the new Pork belly and Scallops to end dinner with the Green River sushi (between us, this is Tanya’s favorite). YES, I was hungry!

To all the staff of Red Sushi, you guys are doing a great job, can’t wait to come back to town and have dessert!


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