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Restaurant Review: Formento's (Chicago)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Oh hello again!


I seriously don’t know why on earth I don’t have an article on my Blog that talks about my favorite restaurant in Chicago, so here we go! The place is called Formento’s and it’s all Italian… good… delicious… different, yet traditional Italian. If you’re in the Windy City you will be able to find this place on Randolph St in Chicago’s West Loop, which by the way has a VERY nice food scene.


All I’m going to say is Carbonara, Meatballs, Chocolate Cake and Chef Todd Stein. Ok, this is not ALL I’m going to say but hopefully I now have your attention.


My first encounter with Formento’s was in 2014-2015, back when we had an apartment in the Chicago Area and we definitely fell in love with the place. Everything was just right, food was amazing, impeccable customer service and a great ambiance. I thought this place could not get any better but it did! Chef Todd Stein was hired as new Executive Chef on 2016 and everything changed for the best!


Last September 2017 I was in the Windy City for the Chicago Gourmet event (see more about the event here) and I obviously made reservations. My experience? I think these pictures will say it all.


Bucatini Carbonara, my all time favorite. Simple.

 Calamari tempura.

 You're into scallops right? Yes, me too and luck for us, they too!

 Drum rolls. Now THIS is a Chocolate cake, its their famous and -I think- award winning Dark Chocolate Cake  with Hazelnut Praline. TO-DIE-FOR!

To make reservations, go to their website.


Ciao ciao!


Fun fact: Formento’s has a small kid -which I think is now a teenager-  it’s Nonna’s and yes, you met them already, and if you’re into sandwiches, well… here’s an article about them!



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