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Anytime Fitness - Fitchburg East (Wisconsin)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hi all!


Today and for the first time in the blog, I want to take a moment to make a different recommendation to all of you, not food related but totally still on the healthy side of things.


I'm talking about the health club I have been a member of since 2015, Anytime Fitness (Fitchburg East location, Wisconsin). I started working out (seriously) when I was 17 years old - not that long ago - so that would probably means that I've been a member of more than 10 gyms in my life, 8 in Mexico and 2 of them here in the US.



Let me just summarize the most important things I always evaluate when choosing a new gym:


  • Short Gym - home distance.

  • A decent free weights area.

  • Convenience of open hours (24/7 gyms are always on top of my list).

  • Cost - Benefit correlation $. 


Anytime Fitness covers all of the above PLUS I really want to point out their amazing staff. I had a knee injury on September 2015 due to a half marathon I ran and the Staff Manager of my location was always there asking how I was doing and encouraging me to keep going, THAT is really refreshing. I really understand the job of a Staff Manager being all about admin stuff and keeping positive numbers on paper but Molly (that's her name) really takes her job to a whole different level by making me and the rest of the members in a good mood and happy to workout. 


And talking about trainers, kudos for them! Always making sure they put all the weights back to their racks while doing personal training and ALWAYS with a smile in the face. 



If you're looking for a gym membership, take a moment to check their website, I'm sure there's one close to you.


I want to thank Molly and Steven for letting me work on this blog post. You guys rock!


Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and it reflects my personal opinion.



  • Overall Score: 5/5

  • Price: You can find great deals depending on the season, find out more in their website.

  • Website: www.anytimefitness.com


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