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Restaurant Review: NOSTRANO

Monday, February 8, 2016

A place called home.


Hello everyone! This weekend I finally got to get my husband on a date after weeks of traveling from here to there (I’ll tell you all about it later on!), first it was Christmas, then new years and then work; but we’re home now so we’re back to the lovely and not-so-bad routine of ours :)


You know, I’m 32 years old now and have moved between cities 5-ish times in my life. At first it was very easy for me to accept the idea of new friends, new gym, new home; but I must say that as times passes by it gets harder and harder. One thing I noticed is that once I find this place where I feel happy and relaxed then it easier for me to call it home. This place back in Monterrey Mexico was a small dinning place, Osteria in Hermosillo Mexico and in Chicago I had Formentos. We moved to Madison, Wisconsin I think 8 months ago, yeap, almost a year and I’m so happy I found the restaurant that now makes me call Madison home!


Nostano is a farm-to-table Italian spot right in the center of Downtown Madison, a few steps away from the Capitol. It’s own and operated by Timothy Dahl and his wife Elizabeth, both chefs of the restaurant.



We started the night with two drinks, I asked for a red wine from Montepulciano and the husband had the most delicious cocktail ever, its name is “Jackman punch” and is basically rum with red tea, you definitely have to try this one.



We started with a Sourdough Rye board which includes some pieces of Venison Salame, some TASTY cultured butter and an amazing pickled pears pure that goes incredible with the crunchy bread it comes with.



They had four entrée options htat night. Guillermo had a Whole Wheat Tagliatelle and I had their Rigatoncini which is something that definitely reminded me of thanksgiving while I was eating it. My dish was a medium size rigatoni mixed with some kind of ragú sauce, porcini mushrooms and maybe cinnamon or chocolate toped with ricotta cheese, warm and simply DELICIOUS.





I was in Nostano before, probably a month ago. Back then I had their Chocolate ganache torta for desert so today we decided to go with something different… the Meyer Lemon Mousse was the winner and let me tell you, WHAT A WAY TO WIN! There is no much crunch in this dish but you definitely don’t miss it, the hard meringue does the perfect job for it.



By the time we left the place was completely full, and its always nice to notice that even with a crowded place the service was intact form the beginning to the end (huge thank you to Ashley, our waitress).


To finish this post, I just want to thank Kiran Pinto for the recommendation. Definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Madison, Wi.



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