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Restaurant Review: OSTERIA

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hi all!


I’ve been aiming to start doing this for months but I wanted to begin with one of the best restaurants based in my hometown Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. This is the first of many restaurant reviews that you will see in the blog aside of my usual recipes!


Let’s talk about Osteria. This is a medium size restaurant located in one of the most traditional areas of the city of Hermosillo and its open from breakfast through dinner. You can feel the Northern Italian inspiration the moment you walk through the door as well as the warm environment of the staff leaded by the Chef and Owner Sergio Howland.


It was my 5th time in the restaurant in the course of maybe 2 years and honestly I cannot see any downgrades (not that I was looking for one!). I’m in town for the holidays and its also the time I get to see my best friends, have lunch, catch up, talk about life and -since today I’m meeting my dear friend Melissa- we will also talk about food.


We started with two glasses of a sweet chardonnay before looking at the menu, which by the way is very diverse and from my perspective a well balanced one.


To start, we ordered a crudo called Tuna Tartare, which is Mexican tuna (from Baja) along with a mix of nuts, garlic and a creamy avocado garnish.



I ordered my beloved Carbonara.  Carbonara is my favorite pasta dish, I mean… who doesn’t love pasta, eggs and pancetta? Right? (Note to self: Talk about Rome and Carbonara later on!). Anyway, I was definitely not disappointed, be confident that you will enjoy a creamy and fresh pasta.



One thing you have to try is their Prosciutto soup which is made out of white beans and prosciutto.



Unfortunately, we didn’t order desert but I know I had the best ice cream right in this establishment a year ago but later on this week I’ll have dinner with another friend of mine to celebrate his new French adventure and for sure we’ll have some!


All I can say about Osteria is well phrased right in their menu “Es alrededor de la mesa que los amigos entienden la alegría de estar juntos” (In English: It is by the table that friends understand the joy of being together). You will be served by friends, as friends, you will discover new flavors and you’ll feel like at home… as I am right now.






Thank you! I hope this information is useful to you!



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