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Bon Appétit Chicago Gourmet 2018 highlights

Hey guys!

Hope you’re doing terrific! Today and as I’ve been doing for the past 5 years, I want to tell you about one of my favorite Chicagoan events! It’s Bon Appetit’s Chicago Gourmet. Some of the reasons I love this event are:

  1. The food. Duh!

  2. The people I get to meet!

  3. The friends I get to say hi to.

  4. All the wine I get to drink!

Here are some highlights of last year’s event.

I’ve been insta-friends with the Nude Dude Food guys for years! And finally got to hang out a little bit with Breadley, Ryan and Markham. These studs basically inspired me to start learning more about sourdough bread, they’re awesome. They have a really cool Instagram feed, and if you’re in Chicago are need some interesting catering, GIVE. THEM. A. CALL!

I met Lisa and team from Flint & Flame USA. You will LOVE their knives! They actually had an Oyster shucker I fell in love with, which they monogramed for me!

As I’ve been telling you in every Chicago Gourmet post. México is very popular around here (Not that I’m surprised)! Last year we had a Mariachi and let’s just say that I sang… a lot.

Anyway, if you’re looking for something fun to do in Chicago, this is a GREAT option. You can visit Chicago Gourmet’s website to get tickets and more information. I’ll see you there this year! Bon Appetit!


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