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5 Things to love about Nana Vida Hotel Boutique in Oaxaca, México

Hey guys! It’s been a while since the last time I took real time off from work and this time me and my husband really wanted to go back to México and get to know one of it’s most beautiful states: Oaxaca.

I have SO MUCH to tell you about this trip! I really want to showcase our culture through our food, our National Parks and Archeological places but today I want to talk about Hospitality, more specifically about this little piece of heaven we found called Nana Vida Hotel Boutique.

Nana Vida is located in Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca’s capital, which is located about 460 kilometers from México City (only a 45 minute flight which is pretty convenient for national and international visitors) and its their commitment with the local community what makes this place what it is.

Let me tell you about the 5 things that made me fell in love with this not-so-small Hotel Boutique.

Their History

A long time ago, this 14 room Hotel Boutique was a place of rest used by the Catholic Church and in a way you can tell! The place still has its big halls and Mexican hacienda feel which will make you feel both like a king and a spa at the same time. “Nana Vida” it’s a local commonly used expression that means “Good to see you!” or “We’re so blessed you’re here!”.

Their Art

As soon as you set foot in this place you will notice there’s art everywhere. From the entrance wall art, to the magnificent paintings from the lobby, to the beautiful textiles showcased in the gallery area and even in your room! The hotel is seriously committed to promote local artists; beautiful pieces of traditional clothing, photography, alebrijes, you name it! You can even order some of the pieces online or get in touch directly with the artist, you just have to ask for it.

Their Food

Oh food, beautiful – majestic – luscious – Oaxacan food. The hotel serves breakfast every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and no, you DON’T want to miss it! Forget about your restaurant breakfast or brunch reservations and stay right where you are. Nana Vida serves breakfast prepared by beautiful skilled local people, you will definitely get a taste of Oaxaca and PLEASE OH PLEASE get a “Chocolate en agua” and fresh bread, you know… just for starters.

CaCuachi Cantina de Autoris the name of the hotel’s bar, which is actually not a bar per-se, it’s a Cantina. For those who don’t know, a traditional Oaxacan cantina always serves mezcal, beer and snacks. Nana Vida Hotel partnered up with local beer artists to produce they artisan beer which is called “Coscorrón” (ask them about the name!, no spoilers here) and with Mezcal masters to serve their seasonal mezcal.CaCuachiserves food straight from the Mercado de Juchitán, and believe me, you don’t want to miss their tamales.

Their People

I saved the best for last. You know how important is a good customer experience for me and how much value I give to all the places that make me feel like home. From the check-in process all the way to check out, your experience will be filled with small, medium and big details which will make your stay the happiest of them all. People will be always there to help you out to plan your day trips, provide you with local restaurant recommendations or just to introduce you to local artists. Always happy, always like you’re home.

You can book your stay directly in their website and/or shoot them an email if you have any questions, they have a very good response time so feel free to do it!

I love you México, I love you Oaxaca! See you VERY soon!

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